Challenge your mind and work your body

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National Tae Kwon-Do




Kilkenny Community Hall

27A Wilpena Terrace


JUNIOR CLASS ( 5-11 yr) - Monday 5.30pm


 Just as an education prepares your child for a career, we focus on teaching skills that will enable to be able to defend themselves. In general in will take about 5 years for your child to be reasonably good at the skills that we teach them. Start them NOW and you will be amazed as they grow into powerful teenagers and adults that are, at the same time, respectful and courteous to others.


SENIOR CLASS (11 yr  +) - Monday 6.30pm


You are never too old to get started, we are non-judgmental, you won’t get punched or thrown to the ground or made a fool of. We want you to be a long term student who finds value in what we teach.


Come along for 2 FREE LESSONS as an introduction. GIVE IT A GO!!! You have nothing to lose. Better still – bring a friend and grow together.